What Is An Accelerated Growth (a/g) Jiffy Plug and Why Should It Be Important to You?

We propagate only from seed in Jiffy Plugs of different diameters and depth. We use diameters of 36mm and 50mm at the depth of 100mm. Our system utilizes air root pruning to develop many lateral roots for every tree. The open web bottom tray allows air to flow up around each plug to promote the air root pruning. This root pruning causes the tree to keep sending out more lateral roots in search of nutrients as it’s the lateral roots that forage for food and water. This repeated root pruning/new root shoots development causes many lateral roots in each pellet by season’s end. When transplanted, these lateral roots spread out quickly, 360 degrees from the root stem forging for nutrients and water from the surrounding soil. It is these lateral roots that drive fast top growth.

Vans Pines climate-controlled greenhouse, home to over 2 million plugs a year, is a special world. Regulated heat, water, air, extended light and nutrients optimize growing conditions 24/7.

In just six months, Vans Pines a/g trees attain the size typical of 2-year-old field grown stock.

50mm Jiffy Plugs, 2 yrs old

What’s so Special About Accelerated Growth Plants? And How Are They Going to Grow Your Business Faster?
  • Crop Uniformity – Vans Pines Nursery’s total climate control regime produces a more uniform crop than field grown plants.
  • Continued Quicker Growth Habit – a/g trees tend to retain their quick growth habit, bearing cones and reaching mature height at an earlier age.
  • More, Larger Buds – than field grown trees. More buds means more branches!
  • Terminal buds are up to 3 times larger – Larger buds = greater elongation at bud break!


What Are the Advantages of Vans Pines a/g Jiffy Plugs Over Bareroot Seedlings?
  • Superior 360° lateral root systems rapidly expand to anchor plants.
  • Amazing 1st season growth, often double or triple top height.
  • No transplant shock…superior survival…usually near 99%!
  • Vigorous growth quickly establishes plants to survive late season dry periods and tough sites.
  • Soft-walled, plantable plug containers deliver root protection during shipping, handling, planting.
  • Quick, easy planting by hand or machine.
  • Expanded planting window – Fall plant with confidence!
Greenhouse of 1 yr jiffy plugs

A/G 1 Year Conifer

Our 1 year Conifer A/G Jiffy Plugs are seeded directly into 100 mm deep Jiffy pellets of various sizes depending upon their future use. Once seeded they are grown on for the balance of their first season in our greenhouse or poly-house range. 1 Year Conifer Plugs are offered in 36 mm and a few 50 mm sizes.

Greenhouse of 2 yr conifer jiffy plugs

A/G 2 Year Conifer

Our 2 year Conifer A/G Jiffy Plugs are 1 year plugs deliberately grown on a second year in 100 mm deep Jiffy plugs to accommodate the second year’s root growth without root crowding. These 36 mm or 50 mm Jiffy Plugs have larger-sized tops, plus heavier caliper and root mass than 1 year plugs.

Greenhouse of deciduous jiffy plugs

A/G 1 Year Deciduous

Our 1 year Deciduous A/G Jiffy Plugs are seeded into 50 mm Jiffy pellets and grown on for the balance of their first season in our greenhouse or polyhouse range. They are recommended for field lining out and reforestation. They are typically over 12 inches tall with good caliper. They grow very quickly, staying well above the competition.