Field of Jumbo Husky Transplants

Husky Transplants

Husky Transplants (plug+1) are grown in field beds using 1 and 2 year old A/G Jiffy plugs. These trees quickly develop an extensive lateral root system that pushes top growth to make them double their original top size. These transplants have such massive roots that most selections need to be root pruned (bottom 1/3 of roots) to make transplanting by machine or by hand easier. (Normally a hole 8” in diameter or more will work. For mechanical transplants, a shoe 4” or wider is needed.) While these plants typically go thru transplant shock like all bare root stock, modest top growth of 4” – 10” can be expected under normal transplant conditions.

Jumbo Husky Transplants

Jumbo Husky Transplants (plug+2) are the same trees as our Husky transplants only grown on for 1 more year. This second growing season produces larger tops, heavier caliper and increased root mass. These tall transplants are typically 1’ – 3’ tall depending on species. They also require some root pruning (1/3 bottom of root) as the roots are as long as the tops are tall.  While these plants will typically go thru transplant shock, modest top growth of 4” – 10” can be expected under normal transplant conditions. 

Three PROVEN reasons to choose Vans Pines Bareroot Transplants
  • Better Beginnings – Started from our A/G Jiffy Plugs whose 360 lateral root systems greatly expand for healthy bottoms to support your tree.
  • Age & Vitality – 1-2 years younger for their size than stock started in field seedbeds. Their youth equates to more vigor and faster growth.
  • Hardiness – Their lateral roots and youth combined with the excellent feeder roots developed in our light sandy soil provide quicker start-up with minimal transplant shock and better survival rates.

Vans plug+1 and plug+2 transplants, another way Vans Pines Nursery is helping you grow your business faster.